Tiny Tots Preschool

Students will learn basic movement using their imagination and props. Including introductory level ballet, jazz, tap and tumbling techniques as well as coordination, rhythm, fine and gross motor skill training through songs, dance games, obstacle courses and more. Through movement students learn about their bodies, the space around them, and how to interact with their peers in a supportive class setting. This class will prepare students to enter a more structured dance class in the future while harnessing energy and having fun.
Tiny Tots Preschool

Little Stars Combo

A mix of ballet and jazz as well as some tap and basic tumbling, this is the progression from our Tiny Tots preschool classes. Incorporating more technical material as well as improving rhythm, coordination and musicality, this class encourages self-confidence, proper dance technique, creativity and fun. Upon completing this class, dancers will be prepared to move into a beginning level class in any single genre of dance.
Little Stars Combo


Ballet is a highly technical form of dance training, which instills grace, poise, control and fluidity. It has influenced and defined the foundation of techniques used in many other genres. It requires hard work, dedication and discipline. All ballet classes concentrate on core classical ballet concepts such as technique, strength, rhythm and musicality. We recommend that all students who take jazz, modern or contemporary, also take ballet class as it is core of all dance movement.


Pointe is the extension and advancement of ballet during which dancers wear hard boxed pointe shoes. Dancers start their pointe training when their bone and muscle development are advanced enough to support the demands of pointe work and minimize injury. Pointe classes are by instructor approval only. If you are interested in pointe, speak to Miss Kathy or Miss Courtney.


Tap focuses on rhythm, tempo and musicality. Tap is an excellent first dance experience or supplement to other dance studies. It encourages fine motor skills in younger dancers and supports advanced musicality in more mature dancers.


Modern is a broad term that describes a style of dance that evolved in the 20th century as a revolt/deviation from ballet. More grounded than ballet and often done in parallel, modern encompasses many different movement styles, including techniques derived from Horton, Limon and Graham. Modern dance encourages strength and versatility as a dancer, often incorporating floor work.


Lyrical & Contemporary are extremely artistic styles of dance. It is a fusion of ballet, jazz, and modern dance, and usually contains an emotional journey, or story. There is a lot of creative freedom when it comes to contemporary dance. Ballet is highly encouraged as a supplement or pre-requisite to this class.


Jazz dance is an American dance form which evolves and changes with the latest popular styles. There are many types of styles of jazz ranging from: Broadway Jazz, Modern Jazz, African Jazz and many more. Students work on placement and technique while also learning popular dances and current dance styles. This class consists of a proper warm up, isolations, stretching, across the floor jumps, turns, progressions and combinations. Jazz students are also encouraged to study ballet.

Hip Hop

Hip-hop is a high energy, athletic, popular dance style that originated on the streets in the late 80’s with break dancing. Hip hop has come full circle incorporating Capoeira, Martial Arts, Jazz, and Modern dance.

Students will be encouraged to step outside the box by bringing their own personality to the movements. Dancers will have fun as they learn age appropriate combinations to popular and high-energy music!


Strength, coordination and flexibility are the key characteristics of tumbling class. Incorporating mat, trampoline and basic beam work, students progress through a variety of gymnastic skills in a safe and fun environment.Classes focus on increasing flexibility, balance, strength, discipline and concentration. Emphasis is place on fundamental technique, progressing at each student’s level through rolls, cartwheels, back bends, handstands, walkovers, aerials and other level appropriate acrobatic material.

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  • Dance Works is an amazing studio! My sister and I attended for several years when we were young and now my daughter attends and she absolutely loves it. The teachers are loving, nurturing and really go out of their way to ensure your child is progressing and getting the most from the program. I couldn't imagine taking my daughter anywhere else. Thank you Miss Kathy!!

    ~Allison Gundel

  • Dance Works is an amazing studio with dedicated, talented and caring teachers. It is a wonderful environment and we are so happy it is our dance home.

    ~Christine Cole

  • One of the great, new offerings at Dance Works is the autistic dance program. Dance Works alum Brooke wasted no time launching the idea to give kiddies a safe & caring space to explore expression. As soon as she graduated from La Salle University, she helped breathe life into this inspired class - Expressing Individuality through Motion. Brooke brings unmistakeable passion for the children, the discipline of a dancer, and the ability to meet each one where he or she is. Bravo, Brooke & Dance Works. I wish I could give it 10 stars.

    ~Celine Hampson

  • Miss Kathy runs a wonderful studio. All of the teachers are not only super talented but educated in teaching proper technique.

    ~Nicole Chew

  • Excellent training, nice people. Good location. My granddaughter, who has danced, since she was 3 and is now 7, is in her first year with DW, and LOVES it. She says, "The classes are the bestest, ever!!" She cannot wait for dance. Before, she sometimes would ask not to go, not any longer. Thanks, Kathy, and the staff. Great job.

    ~Janet LaCava

  • DanceWorks is my second home, I love all the people and the positive atmosphere and all the hard working and dedicated dancers and moms. The teachers/staff are amazing and all so kind and nice and work very hard to perfect our pieces. They take a lot of time out of their day to check in on us and talk to us and help us improve not only as dancers but as people and I have learned so much and grew from them. I came later to the studio and I was very behind compared to all of the other girls. The teachers helped teach me what to do and took time out of class to help me learn the dances and help me with my technique. Everyone there is so kind and thoughtful and when I am down I know I can always talk to the girls and staff. They are truly amazing and I will never forget the amazing memories I have created and this amazing studio! ❤️ I love my “home” away from home. I am so proud to say that I am a dancer at DanceWorks

    ~Jordan Groeber

  • My daughters love Dance Works! The staff are all kind and talented. My girls have not only been taught dance technique but also how to be confident, supportive and helpful to their fellow dancers.

    ~Wendy Hughes

  • Shout out to my Dance Works family! The teachers are so supportive and amazing working hard along side our girls! The girls support for each other during comp and otherwise is amazing to see! So glad to be a part of this community!

    ~Stephanie Wilson

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